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Non-profit Organization Responsive Web Design

Interviewing Project Coordinator

In the first meeting with our project coordinator Helen Stortini, who is also the executive director of Growing Chefs, our team tried to discover some of the challenges and goals their organization has at the current phase.

Scope of the Project

Our team set off with a very clear…

UX Case Study

Spring 2018

Client Project #1

The Opportunity

“Triplit is a platform to allows groups of passionate and travelers to create, fund, share events and adventures.”

Initiate goals with clients:

  • Help content creators to grow, create, connect & collaborate.
  • Follow groups of content creators within the same trip/event
  • Be inspired…

UX Case Study — Client Project 2018 June

Scope of Project

Business Perspective

Website re-design to increase sales & appeal to the millennial audience.

Client Perspective

Display company‘s service, ethics & value.

Users’ Perspective

Inquire services from the website.

Have you ever wanted to go shopping, but physically impossible?


  1. Anyone can access
  2. Bring the local and “Main St” shopping experience online
  3. Increased interest in the local shopping
  4. Increase community engagement
  5. Increase social media/online engagement
  6. Create a customized experience for shoppers
  7. Educate shoppers on basic info for each store
  8. Define user’s interest (help user determine their needs)

Research — Surveys

Since the website…

Eric Li

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